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1H Hive

Organize your shared servers perfectly!

With 1H Hive you will be able to manage your shared servers in a way you never imagined possible! This unique software allows you to isolate server users from each other and to limit and monitor their resource usage. With 1H Hive you will easily increase the number of websites hosted on one server and will achieve higher business revenue!

Hive Server Optimization

1H Hive combines several unique technologies developed by 1H to help you organize perfectly the co-existence and resource usage of your server users. It provides the following features:

  • SecurityMinimize the risk of a single account affecting others on the server
  • LimitationsResource usage is restricted within configurable limits
  • StatisticsExcessive resource users are easily identified
  • Flexibility6 PHP versions and easy server configuration

Unmatched security for shared hosting

1H Hive addresses one of the most common issues for servers with multiple users - it minimizes the possibility of a single account affecting the security of the other accounts and/or the whole server performance. This is achieved by creating a unique security environment on the shared server through a chroot mechanism where each user is limited to its own directory. Thus, even if there is a single account with a security flaw, the other users on the server could not be attacked through the web server or the cron services.

Resource limitations for optimized server usage

1H Hive includes a highly customized suEXEC and Cron that allow you to apply 5 different resource limitations on shared hosting users. These limitations minimize the risk of a single account overloading the whole server. Additionally, they help you free the resources you would usually reserve to accommodate the needs of excessive users and thus host more accounts on the same hardware.

Detailed statistics about CPU, memory and I/O usage

1H Hive collects data on CPU, memory and I/O usage both about web executions and executions, scheduled by cron jobs. The data is presented in the Hive graphical interface that allows you to monitor the whole server resource usage in details. The graphs allow you to identify picks in usage at a glance, see with one click who is the user responsible for the excessive activity and base on the data to take the appropriate actions. This unique monitoring system not only allows you to address problems with excessive use, but also to identify users, whose needs are not suitable for shared web hosting and offer them a higher level service. This is a great tool both for optimizing your admin work through great visualization and your business results through showing you the opportunities for upsell.