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1H Guardian: Server monitoring and automatic reaction system

Why have just a monitoring tool, when you can have a reaction system?

1H Guardian is the first server monitoring and reaction system designed specifically for the needs of web hosting providers. With 1H Guardian you will not simply get notified when your server is overloaded or when a service running on your machine goes down. Instead, most issues will be prevented or fixed by the tool without human intervention in less than 1 second!

What does Guardian monitor?

Web uptime

1H knows that the most important thing for a web hosting company is to keep the websites of its customers online. That is why the services responsible for making the content hosted on your servers accessible are first in the list of what Guardian monitors and restarts:

The web server: Apache, LiteSpeed
The database server: MySQL, PostgreSQL
The domain name system (DNS) server

Email uptime

The second most important service a web hosting company offers is email. To ensure your customers will be able to send and receive their email messages at all times, Guardian makes sure that the following are always up:

The mail transfer agent (MTA): Exim
The IMAP/POP3 services: Dovecot, Courier

Other important services

There are several other services that web hosting customers use very often such as FTP, control panel, etc. By having Guardian watch over as many of these services as possible, any hosting company will avoid complaints from its customers that something is not properly working. Currently 1H Guardian monitors and fixes outages in the following services:

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
The control panel: cPanel, DirectAdmin
The Cron Jobs daemon

1H services

The last group of services watched by Guardian is the 1H software services. Guardian monitors and will fix if needed even its own status checker!

The 1H Guardian status checker
The 1H Hive statistics collecting service
The 1H Hawk intrusion detection system

The full list of services monitored by Guardian is regularly updated in our documentation. If you have an important service running on your server that is not included yet, we will be happy to add it for monitoring on request!