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1H Data Visualization

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Each of the 1H tools generates easily-readable graphical and numerical data. It does not matter if you use one tool on a single server or you have thousands of servers with different combinations of 1H tools installed on them. Our data visualization system allows you to see all the important information generated from the 1H software at a glance.

1H Data Visualization Overview

1H provides two levels of data visualization. The first level is the Local Interface and is available on each server where 1H software is installed. The second level is the Central Portal, which aggregates the information from multiple servers on one place.

  • Local InterfaceImmediate access to all tools on a single server
  • Central PortalAggregate information from multiple servers and tools

Local Interface - detailed information for a single server

The Local Interface is ready-to-use right after at least one of the 1H tools is successfully installed on a server. The interface itself does not require separate installation. In the Local Interface you will find detailed information from all the 1H software installed on the server. The information is separated into four sections: Hive, Guardian, Hawk and Digits, for easy navigation.

Central Portal - collected summary from all servers

With 1H Central Portal you will be able to see aggregate information from all 1H software for an unlimited number of servers in one interface. It is extremely convenient if you use the 1H software on more than one machine. By logging to a single interface you can see the status of all your servers at a glance. The Central Portal is also interlinked with all the Local Interfaces, so that you can investigate in more details any server you want with a single click.

Though the Central Portal can be installed and will be fully functional on any of the production servers where other 1H software is installed too, we recommend that it is installed on a separate machine for achieving the best possible performance.