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1H Resellers - Let's Automate Hosting Together!

Shared Hosts Need It!

  • Increase Uptime

    1H software package allows hosting providers fight server overload and thus reduce downtime. Help your clients to provide stable and reliable service and distinguish themselves on the broad hosting market!

  • Enhance Security

    Security in a shared environment is a tricky topic - having a whole server compromised through a single hacked account is a common problem for hosts. Assist your clients address this major concern and give them a solution to prevent resource abuse and hacks!

  • Increase Revenue

    Hardware costs and resource abusers are the other key areas hosting provides have trouble with. With 1H pack you will offer them a solution to accommodate more accounts on a single server and upsell resource abusers to higher end hosting plans, both sustaining increased revenue and growth!

You'll Increase Revenue!

  • Better Margins & Revenue Growth

    The 1H Resellers program will offer you a custom discounted pricing based on your business model and needs. And better pricing immediately equals better margins and revenue growth for your business. Contact us for a custom quote!

It's Quick & Easy!

  • Automated Integration

    With the special Resellers integration API integrating 1H products and services is a matter of few API calls.

  • Free Marketing Resources

    We will provide any material and cooperation needed for a successful 1H products integration. Check out the available resellers resources!

  • Unlimited FREE Support

    You don't have to worry about servicing your 1H users. Our support team is at your disposal!

  • Exclusive 1H Training

    We are fans of the hands on approach and want things to go smoothly so we will arrange a FREE technical and sales training for your team members after you become 1H reseller.

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