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Why choose 1H products?

1H solutions are especially designed to meet the server management needs and improve the business results of the web hosting providers. The software is now successfully used on more than 1000 shared, dedicated and virtual private servers. With its help hosting companies have achieved the following results:

  • 90% decrease in downtime
  • 40% more accounts hosted on same hardware
  • 10 times more effective server administration
  • Substantial decrease in server and administration payroll costs
  • Increase in income through upsell of higher end hosting solutions

Apart from the software itself all web hosting customers receive the following services by 1H:

  • Easy software installation

    The 1H software installation is extremely easy and is done automatically by an installation script. On demand the 1H certified engineers could also perform the software installation personally and make after installation checks at no additional cost.

  • Data reports and analysis

    All of the 1H products collect important data about the performance of the server on which they are installed and visualize it in the 1H user-friendly interface.

  • Staff training

    To help the hosting providers rapidly achieve optimization in the work of their server management staff 1H can provide training materials, organize staff webinars and online training.